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Thank you for your interest in Nightingale and NightLight, Nightingale's smaller sibling. To download either Nightingale X (v.5.2), NightLight 2002 or Nightingale v.4.5, just leave us your email address - a real one would be helpful - and click the submit button at the bottom of this page. This will take you to the confirmation page: check your info and click on the button there to start downloading. It is suggested that you then come back and download the documentation files, which apply to any version of the application. Note that the current download of Nightingale X, v.5.2.5, requires OS 10.3 or 10.4 (Panther or Tiger). Please contact us if you are running an earlier version of OS X.

Note that the OS X version of Nightingale (Nightingale X, v.5.2), the classic PPC version of Nightingale v.4.5.2 (which requires OS 8.6 through 9.2), or version 4.5.2 for OS X classic (available on request - requires OS 9.1 or above) will only work for 20 to 30 days after first launch unless you contact us for an unlocking code, which is available to you after we are paid. (PPC stands for the PowerPC type of processor used in most MACS made since 1994. If you have an older MAC and would like to try the full version of Nightingale made for the older 68K processors, or have a PPC equipped MAC and use an OS prior to 8.6, please contact us and we will send the correct version along.)

User's of previous versions of Nightingale should note that there has been a file format change in Nightingale X, just as had occurred in v.4.5. Therefore, score files saved with versions of Nightingale X cannot be opened in any classic version. Score files saved in Nightingale v.4.5 cannot be opened in earlier versions. (NoteLists and MidiFiles can be used to go backwards, though.) Score files from previous versions are openable, however, and are converted to the new format. (They should be saved under a new file name.)

Finally, if you have a moment, please fill out the supplementary information in the table below. Filling out this information is optional, but it will help us build better products for you in the future, and let us contact you when they are ready. (If you are worried about getting a lot of email from us, it sure hasn't been a problem up to now. Most of our users say we don't send it often enough!) We promise not to give this information to anybody. If you do not want us to send you information about Nightingale via email or snail mail, just check the boxes below.

Thanks again for your interest!

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This page last updated 13 August, 2007.