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Below are links to some of our recent documents. Please download the documentation file from the downloads page for more.

The all important REALLY Read This!! file for Nightingale X.

This page has Nightingale X FAQ's with information on symbiotic applications.

The all important REALLY Read This!! file for v.4.5.

Installation and Troubleshooting documents
Here are the Installer's Welcome and ReadMe files.
This page provides help troubleshooting your Nightingale Installation.
This PDF file explains Basic MIDI setup for external instruments.
Here are instructions in how to find your Nightingale X prefs file. The usual reason to do this is so it can be removed; a new one is then created when Nightingale X is next launched.
This file explains how to send a challenge code once you've paid.
The following Terminal script may sometimes restore launch problems associated with updates to the Mac OS and/or Quicktime.

Nightingale in use
Here you can find the Tips file.
This page has the tool palette's quick reference file.
Here you can find Nightingale's menus.
Tips for printing (and PDF file creation) in Nightingale X are covered here.
This file compares different ways of making a PDF file and shows how Nightingale thrives with PostScript.
Here is a PDF file of a Debussy piece made from Nightingale that you can download. (Note that PDF files are best viewed at a high magnification, and though very good, printouts made directly to a PostScript printer from Nightingale are a bit better.)
Nightingale's Notelist format is described in this file.

Here are some other sites where you can read about Nightingale, and view or download music examples.

In England, composer Nigel Morgan's website makes great use of Nightingale: you can see and download a multitude of fine examples there. On his Nightingale page, he gives an interesting explanation of how and why he includes Nightingale in his work, and has generously helped us with our addition of new MIDI features.

In Germany, Musikverlag Andrea Wiegand has a comprehensive catalog of music arranged for youth orchestras, all notated using Nightingale. Here is a link to one example, an excerpt from Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens, in the form of a GIF file viewable on your web browser. (Andrea welcomes your questions, and is always attentive and helpful!)

Composer and longtime Nightingale afficionado Pamela J. Marshall has a nice essay on her Spindrift Music Company website about why she likes Nightingale. On the Music Catalog page are PDF files of her music, notated using Nightingale, that you can download.

The September, 2001 issue of Electronic Musician Magazine had an informative review of Nightingale v.4.0 by Thomas Wells.

The Japanese version of Nightingale® is available from API, Inc. API has a fine website with examples of Nightingale features, such as this page showing Nightingale's 'Get Info' dialog box.

The scores to music from Geoff Chirgwin's new album were created with Nightingale. You can download them at his website.

This page last updated 4 November, 2007.

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