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    Bird Lives! 

There are now 3 Nightingale plumages:
Nightingale X, v.5.2 for OS X.
Nightingale, v.4.5.2, for classic OS.
NightLight, freeware, based on v.4.5.2.


We regret that Nightingale is not currently Leopard compatible.

Nightingale X v.5.2.5 was available for download as of 29 November, 2006. This is a maintenance release which fixes the PostScript problem generated in v.5.2.4. Nightingale X is currently for Panther and Tiger only; contact us if you are running an earlier version of the Mac OS.

Please see our Support page for current information and solutions.



Nightingale is one of the best Music Notation Software packages for Macintosh that you can use. It's output is of a professional level, and its ease of use is unmatched. Although it is capable of the most subtle notational tweaks, learning its basic functions is simple compared to other notation programs.


Bird flies higher still. We hope the newly available Nightingale X v.5.2 will be a cause for celebration for those interested in the future of Nightingale. Apple's CoreMIDI setup improves Nightingale's already flexible playback and recording interface, and v.5.2 adds several new MIDI features.

So please  Download  Nightingale X for a free 30 day trial.

Here is what Nightingale does:

1) It produces professional quality PostScript output which is as good as or better than that of any desktop Notation program.

2) It can play and record with rock-solid timing using Midi instruments.

3) It lets you create scores quickly; its flexibility is a boon to your creativity. Cut and paste, transpose, drag almost anything in your score, quickly add and delete parts and extract them with one click, etc.

Please explore the website for more information about Nightingale's features. If you have further questions, please email us.

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Tel. 1-215-736-8237

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