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Why use Nightingale?
1) As a professional score/parts preparer, I believe Nightingale is one of the handful of notation programs with publisher quality output; indeed, I have seen parts from our program in front of ensembles as prestigious as the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Kronos Quartet.
2) Although Nightingale is a full featured program with the potential for solving complex notational problems, it is relatively simple to learn and use. (A boon for teachers looking to equip classes of all ages.)
3) Nightingale can be used in conjunction with our freeware NightLight to provide a low cost solution for composition and theory classes; NightLight possesses most of the professional features found in Nightingale.
4) Finally, we believe Nightingale makes a more coherent use of the Mac's user interface than any of our competitors.

-David Gottlieb, President, AMNS



Nightingale X v.5.2

is here. The classic version 4.5 is still available as well.You can download either version for a free trial.

Nightingale features include: the new Briard Font and easier font selection, support for MOTU's FreeMIDI, indentable margins, easy to use double and halve durations options, the ability to set the number of lines in a staff from 0 to 6, new text handling, chord symbol and modifier options, and much more. New to Nightingale X is a combine parts command, and MIDI features including mapping, pan and pedal controls, on the fly patch changes and export/import of tempos. Click here for a more complete list of changes since version 3.0.



Both Nightingale versions 5.2 and 4.5, are downloadable for a free trial or are available on CD.

Educators! If you need to have your class learn a notation program, you'll find that Nightingale is one of the easiest to teach. For beginning classes, buy your own copy of Nightingale version 4.5 and give your students NightLight for free!

For more information about Nightingale
or AMNS, to join our mailing list, or to order using a check or money order, please email us. To pay for Nightingale with your credit card, click here or on the button below.

The Nightingale® Choice


Since receiving an Electronic Musician 1997 Editors' Choice Award and 4 stars from Macworld, work on Nightingale had progressed at a slower pace than we would all have liked, although development never stopped. Now, however, we are adding features at a fast rate. We released two new versions in the summer of 2000: 1) Nightingale version 4.0, and
2) the freeware NightLight, which included virtually all the features of its larger sibling (but with a limit of 4 page scores and 9 stave systems). Updates came in September, 2001, as Nightingale version 4.5 was released, with NightLight 2002 joining it at the end of 2002. In April, 2004, Nightingale X, v.5.1 became the first version of Nightingale to run natively in OS X. Now, v.5.2 is available.

Some Nightingale Features

Almost any object in a score can be easily dragged with the mouse. Its slurs are elegant. Pinpoint control of most objects is available through a powerful 'Get Info' interface. A unique "threader" tool, plus shift- and option-clicking, allows exceptionally flexible selection, and the QuickChange feature allows for instant changes of single parameters affecting a multitude of objects. Notes are entered though MIDI or keyboard and mouse, as well as other file formats.

Prices for Nightingale X, v.5.2, for OS X
A trial disk for either version is available for $13, which is applicable towards a future purchase.

New buyers: $310.
High School, College & University Faculty: $190.
High School, College & University Students: $125.


Owners of Nightingale 5.1 ONLY: Just $40!;
Owners of Nightingale 4.5 ONLY:
Just $115!;
Owners of Nightingale 4.0 ONLY:
Just $150!;
Owners of 3.5 ONLY:
Just $180!;
Owners, versions 3.1 or earlier: $210;
Student and Faculty upgraders (from a classic version of Nightingale, that is v.4.5.2 and earlier) to Nightingale X v.5.2 may take a discount of $25 and $15 respectively.

Prices for the classic Nightingale 4.5.2
New buyers: $195.
High School, College & University Faculty: $145.
High School, College & University Students: $95.


Owners of Nightingale 4.0 ONLY: Just $35!;
Owners of 3.5 ONLY:
Just $65!;
Owners, versions 3.1 or earlier: $95;

For those who want a CD instead of just downloading, there is an additional shipping charge of $12.99.

Prices are subject to change. (For CD shipping outside of the U.S., please add an additional $2.53 for Canada and Mexico; $7.06 for the rest of the world.) Site licenses are also available.

The original NoteScan 1.04, which takes scanned input and converts it into files readable by Nightingale only, is now available from AMNS for only $29. Contact us for information.

We accept credit cards on site.

Technical support is available via fax, e-mail, and phone, and is free to registered owners via fax and e-mail for 90 days.

Tel. 1-215-736-8237

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