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Current Nightingale X support issues are below

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Snail Mail: Adept Music Notation Solutions, Inc., 33 Riverdale Road Yardley, PA 19067 USA;
Telephone (fax/voice): 1(215)736-8237

We are a company that prides itself on quick, personal responses to your problems and questions. However, if you wish to learn about the program on your own, here are some suggestions.

1) Read our User's guide and its supplements. The documentation folder that comes with Nightingale (and which is downloadable  from the website) contains lots of good information; so does the help file, accessible in the Apple menu of the open Nightingale Application.

2) If you have a problem with the copy protection, specifically if the trial period has run out, we suggest the following. If you have a Nightingale CD, and have not launched all the alternate versions, including those in folder 2 and the 68K version, try one of those, as they still should be active. (You can also contact us for an alternate version via email, or you can order a trial CD.)

Technical Support

Technical support is available via e-mail and phone, and is free to registered owners via e-mail for 90 days. Telephone support is free when we ask you to call to follow up an e-mail. Otherwise our rate is $36 per hour. Support can be accessed via the contacts listed above. A look at our Documentation page may also be worthwhile.

We will endeavor to answer e-mailed questions from users of our Freeware NightLight as time allows, although we cannot guarantee it.

Current Nightingale X support issues:

November 2007. Nightingale appears to be having some problems with Leopard. Stay tuned for fixes.
The following Terminal script may sometimes restore launch problems associated with updates to the Mac OS and/or Quicktime.

November 2006. Version 5.2.5 fixed a 5.2.4 bug which led to corrupt PostScript files. This was manifested in printing and PostScript saves, and was worse in smaller staff sizes.
In addition, the 'Double Selection' command key equivalent was changed to Command-Shift-D to avoid a conflict with the OS X Dock's 'Turn Hiding On/Off' commands.

Version 5.2.4 fixed a balky cursor issue and cut the launch time on Intel Macs. The current download is for OS 10.3 or 10.4 (Panther or Tiger.) Please contact us if you are running an earlier version of OS X.

Note: Due to the aforementioned problem with version 5.2.4, do not use PostScript files generated in version 5.2.4 (or 5.2.3.) Open your score files and generate PostScript files in v.5.2.5.
We apologize for any inconvenience this problem may have caused.

June 2006. Version 5.2.3 was withdrawn.

May, 2006. QuickTime 7 seems to have lost the ability (present in version 6.5) to edit MIDI Music Tracks and is no longer recommended for that purpose.
      If have a previous Nightingale X installation and the installer will not proceed because of an error message related to a 'newer version' already existing, go to HD/Library/Receipts and remove the 'Night' receipts that are already there for the Nightingale Application. Then run the installer again.
      Nightingale v.5.2.2 fixes a bug (in 5.2.1) which caused staves to go invisible when the scale percentage in page setup is set to less than 30.
      There have also been sporadic reports of a font problem wherein duration, modifier and dynamic popups are missing. The simplest correction is to drag the nfonts.rsrc file out of the Library/fonts folder (to the desktop) and than drag it back in.
      If PostScript and EPS files do not open in Apple's Preview in OS 10.4.6, try installing the Apple Security update from May 11, 2006.
      Note that general OS X problems can often be fixed by going to Applications/Utilities and using Disk Utility to 'Repair Disk Permissions'.

January, 2006. In Tiger, there have been reports that Stuffit is not functioning properly to unstuff Downloaded Nightingale files. Use Stuffit's 'open' command, navigating through the dialog to the downloaded file, then use the 'unstuff' command. (Do this if the file is named 'form.cgi' or similar.) Sometimes, however, it will be necessary to reinstall Stuffit, perhaps with an updated copy.

October, 2005. It has been observed in Tiger that fonts will sometimes not activate right away. If this is the case, try double clicking on the appropriate font file, which should be in the hard drive's Library/Fonts folder. This should bring up the Font Book application, and the font will then be active.

June, 2005. It has been observed that Nightingale is taking a large amount of the CPU's capacity when mouse shaking is enabled. This may cause other open applications to slow down. If you are not using the mouse shaking feature, we suggest going to File/Preferences and changing the 'Mouse Shake Maximum Time' value to 0.

Briard or Sonata? It been observed with some non-PostScript printers that printing goes into an endless loop. This appears to be caused by the lack of the Sonata printer font ('Sonat'). We are not licensed to provide Sonat, which must be purchased from Adobe as part of the Sonata package. If you do not wish to do this, go to file/preferences/file preferences and substitute Briard for Sonata as the music font for the file in question. It should look and function at least as well.

This page last updated 4 November, 2007.

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